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by Platform Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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SRPACMYJ56Programmability - LotusScript Debugger - Fixed an issue where item arrays were not being displayed in the correct order. This regression was...
PSHECAE8HFProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue on Linux Cent OS with Korean language emails where "?" character was getting added while converting...
BKANCL6MEJProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue on the w64 client where using an Array of Longs in Lotusscript would result in unexpected results. ...
PALTCQ8MQFProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue that could result in a crash when using NSFSearchStop with a remote server. This regression was...
EMUZCB9EAJProgrammability - LotusScript - Web Services - Fixed an crash that could occur when running a web service in the 64 bit Client when parsing a result....
SMOYCPCMHFProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue where LotusScript was generating JSON over multiple simultaneous threads causing memory management...
NDOECPR8UZProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue where declaring an array with no type could result in "Out of stack space" error on Windows 64...
AKURCRHKAFDesigner - LotusScript Debugger - Fixed an issue where the LotusScript Debugger would crash when debugging code that used...
PDARCRRCU3Fixed an issue where keywords were not showing in blue nor red color when creating a new Agent after enabling the Notes.ini DoubleAsPtrForClient. ...
MOBNCSTGH6Programmability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue with the NotesIDVault methods IsIdInVault an PutUserIdInVault where they were failing to find users...
MOBNCSTGPZProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue where certain Turkish characters in a user name was preventing rename from working when using the...
SRPACPQ6WQProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue where GetAllEntriesByKey was returning incorrect results. This regression was introduced in 12.0.1...
KKOOBZ9B2EProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue using the WriteText method of the NotesStream class where, when setting a character string in a file...
SRKMCSCM5JProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue where calling NotesEmbeddedObject.Activate from an agent in the Notes 64 bit client would result in...
JSHN8BCSGLProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue where  Notesadministrationprocess.Approvemovedreplicadeletion method was not working...
TJJNCSKVTE Programmability - LotusScript Debugger - Fixed an issue where the Globals section and variables within it were not correctly displaying nor sorted...
RJJJCUACT8Programmability - LotusScript - 64 bit - Fixed an issue with notesSession.UseDoubleAsPointer when used in a hotspot/button where setting it to True...
AKURCVM7SDProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue where LotusScript compiled on 14.0 EA2 didn't work correctly on older versions of...
RGAU9QSER3Programmability - LotusScript - Swedish - Fixed an issue where LotusScript Execute command failed to run in Swedish veresion of Notes. This...
TSAOCTDBMMProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue where era in the Japanese Calendar was not printed with DBCS characters when a LotusScript agent ran...


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